Cahill's Judo
Welcome to Cahill's Judo Academy
Home to over 1000 national champions
CAHILL is a well regarded name in the Martial Arts for over 50 years starting with Professor John Cahill Sr. who founded Cahill's Judo Academy in 1948. He was a respected instructor in the Kodenkan System of Jujitsu from Professor Henry S. Okazaki in Hawaii. The lineage of excellence continues today with his son, Willy, who built a dojo in California in 1963 in his father's honor. Since the beginning, the Cahill's have produced nearly 1000 National and International medal winners. Inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Judo Instructor of the Year, Willy Cahill has also served as coach to Stanford University, the U.S. Team for the Pan American Games, the World Championships, and the Olympics.
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New classes starting January!
CAHILL has designed a NEW top-of-the-line gi for the advanced athlete who requires maximum performance and rugged durability for national and international competition and training. They are made of double-weave cotton with reinforced stitching and come in either solid blue or bleached white. Both jacket and pants proudly sport the Cahill logo of excellence along with the Tiger Claw label for quality assurance. Place your order by phone (Mon.-Thu. 10am to 7pm, Fri. till 5pm PST) or through our On-Line Store.